Bare All


I love a good natural look. I think some girls can really over do makeup and end up
looking as though they just plowed their face into a bowl of foundation. I realise not
every girl is comfortable with their skin but its about time you start loving it! You can
achieve the result you want with the most minimal of products. Get rid of all those
foundations and go for a more natural beautiful look. I find the following 3 steps really
help bring out my natural beauty:

1. After washing your face, toning and applying moisteriser, apply a CC Cream –
this helps to even out your skin tone.

2. Apply a really light foundation, one that is low coverage. The CC cream has already
evened out your skin you now just adding some colour.

3. Apply a luminous powder that doubles as a bronzer – this will even everything out
even more and voila! your skin looks natural and beauitful.

If you are sitting there thinking, not really sure if I could, here is some inspiration:









Well I hope this gave you a push towards trying the beautiful natural look.



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