The Pony


If you remember from my previous post Taking it On I was discussing how I was
currently growing my hair but then wanting to chop it off to match the stunning
Alexa Chung.

However, after my visit to the hairdresser and getting my hair coloured and layered
I really got to see how long it has grown, and believe me it has grown heaps since last
year. After the hairdressing appointment I started to think maybe I should just keep
letting my hair grow. Get it to that really lovely long ponytail that I already love seeing
on other girls!

Here’s what I am talking about. Mine will be natural though, not a fan of hair extensions.
Never have worn them and most likely never will.








One bonus of having such long hair are the endless styling options available. If you
can jazz up a ponytail it could never be boring.

So, I am conflicted as to which way to go. What would you choose?



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