Tutu Pretty


Okay, so you know I am loving the “sheer” look, but I simply adore tulle. I would
wear tulle all day and every day. You usually don’t see tulle unless it may be a wedding
dress (yes, my dress is tulle) but I think the whole soft glamour it gives to any outfit
is timeless and classic. How could you possibly go wrong?

My ultimate favourite and the most common is the tulle skirt. I personally love the
full skirt, but am liking the full length. I currently have my eye on a super cute mid
length tulle skirt!

So dig out that tulle skirt from the back of the closet and relive it, here is some
inspiration to get you started.


Tulle 3








I hope you take some inspiration with you and get that tulle skirt you have had your
eye on but wasn’t sure about how to style it (or revamp that one that has been in the
back of the closet)!



2 thoughts on “Tutu Pretty

  1. Very pretty indeed and feminine.
    You’ve inspired me to find the one that’s been in the back of my closet and have some fun with it 🙂

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