Spread The Prickle

Prickle 1

We all know plants around a house can add some life. And although we love our
ferns and flowers, I cannot help but love how cactus plants add a Moroccan feel.
I wanted to pass on some inspiration to everyone else since I love the whole idea
of this and hope that you find some inspiration and add some around your house!

Prickle 2

Prickle 3

Prickle 4

Prickle 5

Prickle 6

Prickle 7

Prickle 8

Prickle 9

Prickle 10

Prickle 11

Prickle 13

Prickle 14

Prickle 15

Prickle 16

Prickle 17

Prickle 18

Prickle 12

I hope you enjoyed looking through my endless cactus selection and that you come
out with ideas for your own home.

They are so easy to look after and of course come in different colours, shapes, styles
and sizes. There are so many things you can with them and they really add character.
If you end up getting inspired, make sure to show me pictures!



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