Rimmel Apocalips 102 Nova

Rimmel 1.1.2

I was on a mission today to find a new “lipstick”, something different to my usual
laid back style. I wanted a lipstick that popped!

I asked for assistance in regards to what would go well with my skin colour but
wanting to keep it in the pinks. Not bold enough to go red just yet.

After much deliberation and testers, the minute this Rimmel one landed on my skin
it was love at first sight.

The colour is simply divine, bolder than the baby pinks I usually like and it suited
me so well.

Rimmel 1.2.2

As you can see it is such a lovely pink. Love it. Now about this product.

Apocolips by Rimmel London is a “liquid lipstick” not a balm or stain. Basically a
lipstick that is lipstick and gloss put together. Sounds interesting yes? Very.

The colour lasts like a lipstick and stain, so even though you do not feel like you are
wearing something believe me you are!

It does have a funny “chalk” taste, but it is not very dominant just something you
may notice when you first try. It doesn’t take very long for it to set and like I said
before you will forget about it and find it still there when you go to the bathroom
throughout the day. Does not really need much topping up either, maybe a couple
of times. Yes, it does leave a mark! Much like a lipstick.

Rimmel 1.4.2

As the day progresses the colour gets lighter. Quite lovely. Perfect for during the
day and at night as well, one of those colours that can be worn either way.

Overall I really like this liquid lipstick and especially the colour. Would I be bold
enough to try some of the other colours, that’s another story!

Rimmel 1.3

If you try this let me know! I love it and I am not much of a lipstick wearer, but
things change!



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